Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Author's Note

Before I begin posting (regularly, I hope) this work in progress, I want to thank some folks for the inspiration for the story outlined in mostly broad strokes in my college-ruled notebook:

  • Kalinara and Ragnell, for the prompt needed to create the primary character and a world for her.
  • Willow, Mallet, and a non-comics online community (you know who you are) for inspiration and feedback.

Yes, I know, acknowledgments seem strange, heading up a story that isn't nearly finished yet, but when thanks are due, then they are due. And I wouldn't even be attempting to write original fiction if it weren't for those mentioned above.

Whether you assign those mentioned blame or not is up to you, the reader.

I reserve the right to go back and revise chapters. And I welcome constructive feedback.

Thanks. Enjoy.

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